BUCHI today is one of Nigeria's truly funny comedians, born April 4th, in the late 70s he is an Actor, writer, director. He came into lime light 2008 and has been on a steady rise since, been to over 12 countries in AFRICA doing comedy, also toured the UK , France and Switzerland, where he starred in the 22 year old MONTREUX COMEDY FESTIVAL. Now preparing for a tour around the US, His unique sense of humor which makes him a fast thinker on his feet has made him one of the most spontaneous comedians Today and his creative abilities got him to be on the NIGERIAN KINGS OF COMEDY show, No wonder he is referred to as 'COMEDY'S FINEST'. He remains the only comedian to have hosted a comedy club once every week for 3 years straight and still does Koko lounge Comedy night.Lets get to know him a bit more. My name is Onyebuchi Ojieh Im the second child in a family of five, four guys and a girl, I was born in Kwale and my family moved 2 years later to Warri , Delta state and that was how i spent all my schooling days in Warri. As a child growing up in Warri, I can remember my 1st ever school was a German daycare school where my brother and I had no Idea what was going on, but D.S.C housing complex was built by Germans so they had a school for their kids. So here i was, a boy from the village schooling wit German kids, always looking completely lost...plus they made me cut my DADA yes! Dada not dreads. People don't know I had dreads as a child. There I attended D.S.C Nursery and Primary school and went on to Ovwian Secondary school, Ovwian, before moving on to grab two degrees from Ambrose Ali University (AAU). If I had to trace my roots in comedy, this is how it will go..... Back in primary school we did something called 'Stroking'. Its like a rap battle but we use insults, in Warri we call it 'Yabbing'. Its kind of what MTVs 'YO MAMMA' is like. We started it in Warri, but there were no cameras back then. Im really not blowing my trumpets here but yours truly, I was the greatest in my hood, Yeah my class and my school. Primary school was my first attempt at being funny, but that ignited a comical spark in me, because I started acting funny roles in my church plays; children class of Church of God Mission DSC branch. Then I was enrolled into Ovwian Grammar school as it was then called. I joined LDS (Literal and debating society), and I used to come in as comic relief to do MOCK NEWS. Back then, there really was no such thing as Stand-up comedy. Mock News was a mockery of the things happening in and around school. I used to dress the part as well; big stomach, big funny Glasses, funny shoes, and some white powder for mustache. I got very good at it and started going from school to school doing Mock News. Soon, I was mocking news everywhere, and I got invites to do the same in churches. Soon, my childhood friend MOSES IYERE joined me and we became a team. I have to add that at this time I wrote all my material. After my secondary education. I stayed back at home for 3 years, doing odd jobs (very odd jobs), trying to get enough money to get into the University. My 1st ever stand-up performance came in 1996, in the city of Benin, Edo state. Some of my fellowship members from secondary school formed a ministry called HEROES INTERNATIONAL. They hosted dinner parties, music concerts and then later, crusades. They invited me to do Mock News for a lunch party they organized to raise funds in a hotel, somewhere in Apkapkava close to Ring Road. When I got to the event there was no table available to sit at to read my news, so I did my act standing for the first time, and that was how BUCHI started doing Stand-up comedy. The journey put me through University; I started making enough money to pay my bills in school. I went into AAU to do a diploma program In Criminology and got my first diploma degree, EDCR (Executive diploma in criminology). I stayed on to study law at the prestigious faculty of law, Ekpoma, graduated with the 2005/2006 class. While in school I teamed up with another comedian to do my 1st ever comedy show tagged LAFF TO FINISH WITH ONYEBUCHI AND MUDIAGA. That event sold out and the duo of Mudi and I moved on to do a tour of the universities in EDO state. MUDI still remains my very good friend and still does great comedy. He is based in Port Harcourt city, in the Niger delta region of Nigeria. My journey to Lagos While in school I started travelling around Nigeria and got major exposure from the HQ of my church, CGM FAITH ARENA. This took me to every state in the country and I sometimes came to do shows at churches in Lagos where met other comedians. They used to ask me to move to Lagos, but I wasnt done with school. When I graduated from the university, the issue of accommodation in Lagos was major. Then WAMILELE, a comedian who was inspired by me to do comedy years back in PTI (PETROLEUM TRAINING INSTITUTE) Warri, asked me to come squat with him in his one room apartment in KETU. I did and we started running shows in Lagos, but I was still to and fro Warri, Wamilele (now based in the US still doing comedy), introduced me to Tee A, who put me on his LIVE N NAKED show in Lagos, this was in 2008. I guess I killed it that day because the show was everywhere. That was my 1st appearance on national TV. Then he took me to Abuja for same show in September and I killed it again because ALI BABA came chasing me off the stage with a fire extinguisher. The press took it up, this was 30th, September. October 1st, was the day of the NITE OF A THOUSAND LAFFS show by OPA WILLIAMS, (a show I had been trying to get on for 5 years). After my performance, ALI asked me to come and sit next to him. There and then he sent a text message to Opa Williams, asking him to put me on the show for the next day. I have to point out that then serious auditions were being held to be on the show. Ali sent the text and told me not to worry. Next day, I travelled to Lagos fingers crossed. AS soon as I put on my phone at the airport in Lagos, AY called me and asked me to call YINKA OPA, stage manager for the NITE OF A 1000 LAFFS show. I couldnt get through to him by phone, so I went to the venue of the show, Muson center. When I got back stage, I saw my name on the lineup for performances. That was my first performance on that show. I think I did well because after the show, I met Basketmouth backstage and he said to me, nice one bro, we go do things. Two weeks later he took me to a private birthday bash, where BRIAN MCKNIGHT came to perform here in Lagos and gave me the MIC. That event led to many more and a friendship that went beyond the stage. TO ANSWER YOUR ?S Im a simple person with simple needs, now based in Lagos Nigeria, single, fully into show Biz. You can catch me every Wednesday at koko lounge yaba, Lagos Nigeria, for the comedy nite show. I don't have favorite foods. I like banga soup, rice and stew, creamy beans. I love travelling, reading and watch movies a lot. Plus I do some PS3. Also catch me on FLATMATES BY KAYODEY PETERS, WHO WANTS TO BE A BILLIONAIRE AND soon to be released sitcom written and produced by yours truly, BUCHIS DEBACLE.